Monday, September 3, 2012

I got behind...

So here a recap of what has been going on in the Turnbough kids' lives..
John got a new "big boy" bed. He loves it. 

John had Open House at his new preschool last week. He wouldn't talk to the teachers until one of them heard we were going to Yogurtini afterwards. As soon as she asked him about it, she had him hooked. Notice, his hands are on his hips as he talks. 

Sophia asked "Can I go to Preschool too?" 

The kiddos were super excited for the rain and loved playing in it. They hadn't really gotten to break in their new raincoats and rain boots much. 

Yup...Sophia only has underwear, a raincoat and rain boots on. 

Sophia has hit the stage of loving dress up. She often eats her meals and prances around the house in some kind of dress up gear. 

John used his birthday money and bought Bayblades. Secretly, Matt loves them too and they have battled every night since John bought them. 

Tonight as we were brushing our teeth, John asked me if I noticed the toys that were in the bathroom. I replied that I had noticed them. (They are Toy Story characters.) He stated, "I am decorating the bathroom. These are my decorations since this is MY bathroom." 
What do you say to that? 

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