Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Story of the Day

This is the conversation we had today during dinner.

Me: So what did you do at Mrs. Jewell's today?
John: (with a sneaky grin) Well Reece and I played Prince and Princess. 
Me: Well that sounds fun.
John: (with an even sneakier grin) And we had a wedding. But we had to be VERY quiet so Mrs. Jewell wouldn't know we were holding hands. Then a dragon came and we had to fight it. Then we went on a trip to CA and we ran out of gas 2 times. We were on top of the toy chest because it was our car. Then we knocked on a door and asked an innkeeper if we could stay the night because we had no where to go. And that was our day. 

Let me tell you...it is very hard to keep a straight face while our very animated son is telling this story. Luckily he had to go to the bathroom right afterwards. Matt and I cracked up laughing. 

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