Wednesday, September 26, 2012

No Camera

We are without a camera right now and it sucks. I have cute videos that I want to post but I can't seem to figure out how to transfer them from my phone to my here are a few updates. 
  • John is now in a booster seat. He has reached the height requirements and is ecstatic!
  • Sophia is doing such a better job at potty training. She is working hard! 
  • We are remodeling our house right now. We have taken out one wall and a half of a wall. Matt is doing it himself, with the help of friends. He did step on a nail and had to get a tetnus shot. Hopefully this will be our only injury in this remodeling process. 
  • John got the Quote of the Week at his preschool. This is posted in the hallway, right outside the door. Here it is...
John: (Talking to one of his teachers on the playground) Are you sure you can climb on that?
Ms. Nicole: I think I can. 
John: I hope you don't break anything. (He shrugs his shoulders and walks off.)
  • I am leading a Women's Small Group Bible Study. 
  • Sophia is into dancing right now. She loves to twirl and wave her hands around. 
  • The Halloween costumes are be looking for pictures to see what the kiddos have picked. 
Have a great night. 

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I'm Jenn said...

You should be able to just email the photos and videos to yourself from your phone, I do it all the time for blogging. Just click on share and then send one at a time, so they don't clog your outbox. Hope that works!