Sunday, September 30, 2012

Last Weekend of September

 Fall is here and I love it!! We went to the Liberty Fall Festival this weekend. Wendi, Matt's sister, lives on the parade route in Liberty...which is quite the perk! We went up and ate a yummy breakfast, celebrated Kurtis' birthday and enjoyed the parade. Kurtis was sure that the parade was in honor of his birthday. We just let him believe it. This year was a little different because John and Luke got to be in the parade. They rode along with Nana and Papa in the church's float. So the little ones, Sophia and Kampbell, enjoyed getting to collect candy without fighting the bigger cousins. It was a great day! 

This was picture was taken while we were up at the Festival. I thought it was cute how she was posing for the picture.

Sunday was a fun day too. We headed to church and then off to the church picnic. It was the perfect day to have a picnic. We had lots of food and had the Chiefs game on to enjoy. However, the Chiefs game was not the most important game of the was the Lakeland Staff vs Everyone Else Volleyball game!! 
Matt was the lucky one of the family to get to play the game since he is on staff. He was less than excited to be a part but we did find a few smiles throughout the game. Unfortunately, the Staff team lost but it was fun to watch everyone having fun. Tonight, when I asked John what his favorite part of the day, he said it was watching Daddy playing volleyball. :)

And we continued to work on the house this weekend. I think this is the first picture I have posted on the here it is so far. We took out a complete wall and then cut out part of a wall. The cut out part will have counter top on it to make a bar. It is looking awesome. My husband is quite the stud when it comes to home improvement! All we have left is the counter top, sheet rocking, mudding, and then painting. Then we will begin the floor. More pictures to come....hopefully soon! 


Wendi Jensen said...

Love this, so glad we got to hang with the Turnboughs this weekend!

Bryson and Sarah said...

When is a chiefs game ever the most important part of a weekend?!?! When they lose to the Broncos. Tee hee! Sofia is looking so grown up!