Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Potty Training Sophia

We arrived home from the beach on Saturday and Sunday morning marked "Potty Training Boot Camp" I did the same thing with John when he was being potty trained. You spend 3 straight days following your child around asking, "Tell Mommy when you need to potty." You don't leave the house or the child's side. You throw away the diapers and only use underwear. While you are following the child around and asking the question over and over again, you are also cleaning up pee throughout your whole house. It is draining but oh so worth it! 

I wasn't sure if it was going to work with little Miss. I had tried it in January and it didn't work. She just wasn't ready. After Day 1...I thought maybe "Bootcamp" isn't for her. However, by the end of Day 2, she was recognizing that she needed to go, just not quite in time to get to the potty. Day 3 was a successful day. She pooped in the potty, only had 2 accidents, and went to the potty by herself without telling anyone! We are well on our way to being totally potty trained!! 

We celebrated tonight with Yogurtini and stayed dry for the whole trip. Of course, Sophia picked her "princess skirt" to celebrate the occasion. Tomorrow she will get her big prize for doing such a great job at becoming a big girl. 

I try not to compare John and Sophia but it was interesting to see how differently they acted during this whole process. These are some of the things I found out about Little Miss...
1. She doesn't care about bribery. Sure she liked getting a sticker, a Skittle, or even a piece of jewelry. However, she would say "no" to getting anything quite a few times. (John loved and still loves to be bribed!)
2. Sophia doesn't need people to play with her. When John was potty training, he thrived on me being with him constantly. Sophia would often times try to get away from me! At one point she went to her room and closed the door on me before I could get in. I couldn't help but smile. She also will go into the bathroom, say "I privacy." and then close the door without me being in the bathroom. 
3. She doesn't need approval. I would ask if she wanted to call Nana, Pops, Papa, Daddy and she would say "No" and then she would go onto playing. John was on the phone constantly wanting to tell people that he went potty. 
4. Sophia uses going to the potty as a delay for bed. I don't remember John thinking of that when he was potty training. 
5. Sophia takes a pile (5 or more) books to the bathroom every time she goes. 

It's fun to see how you can have 2 children by the same parents and they are so different. 

Miss Sophia...Mommy and Daddy are so proud of you. You are becoming a big girl!! We love you!

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