Monday, August 8, 2011

Mommy Time

The kids stayed down in Houston with Nannee and Pops, so Matt and I went on a day date! After church we went down to the Main Street AMC and saw Crazy, Stupid Love. It was SO good! The theater was awesome also. If you have never been to a theater that serves dinner and drinks (we actually got an appetizer) while watching a movie...I would recommend it. It was great and it had recliners! Wonderful.
Afterwards we went out for dinner and ended the evening with celebrating our nephew Kampbell's birthday. A great day!
So at 8:00 am this morning, Matt left for El Paso for the week. I am sure it will be a wonderful trip. Maybe he will blog about it when he gets back.

So now the kids are still in Houston and Matt is spending the night in Dallas (on his way to El Paso). So that means Mommy time! I got some girl time this evening and it was great. Food, drinks and can't get better than that!
But now as I lay in bed...I miss my family. It is a little too quiet for me.
So Wednesday can't come soon enough...but I know it will get here.
Tomorrow night's plan: Law and Order with some sewing.

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meamhu said...

And look at the snazzy (and very adult professional looking/loose, but not so loose as to be unfashionable outfits!