Saturday, August 6, 2011

John's Birthday Parties

Well, it has been a week since the parties happened and now I am finally getting to blogging. So sorry to those that have been waiting...but the pictures are here so enjoy!

The morning party was for John's friends. You will notice they are all girls. Poor kid, we really only hang out with people who have girls, so that is John's friends. Yet, he has attended their princess birthdays, so the girls attended his Cars/Toy Story party...and everyone had a great time!
The party took place up at our church, Lakeland Community Church. It is nice because we know the facility director quite well (that would be Matt), so he hooked us up with the tunnel town.
John helped decorate the cake table....
The Toy Story 3/Cars Cake and Cupcakes

The big 3 year old!
The sweet sister...
Brielle and John freezing and smiling for the picture!
Color time and pinching bubbles...
Craft time!!
I made picture frames with the kids' names on it and they decorated them. We took pictures of John and each child so they will get their pictures in their Thank You notes to put in their frames.
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday, dear John...
Happy Birthday to you!!

Cake time!!!
Blue icing...yummy!
Sophia enjoyed the cupcakes a whole lot!!!
John played, and continues to play with all of his toys. He loves all of them. When he was playing with Woody and Bullseye and he had his hat was exactly like watching Toy Story. It was so neat and cute to see his imagination fly.
Sophia was ready for party number 2.
We had the family come over in the evening to have another celebration. John picked the menu of some of his favorite foods. We had hot dogs, macaroni and cheese, asparagus and corn on the cob. It was a great time of visiting, eating, and playing.
John with his Pops and Papa....looking at a lawn mowing magazine.
John got a lot of really cool gifts. This is one of them...a new Cars bike! I will have to post a video of him riding it. He took to it so quickly. He was riding all over the place. He is so big!!

Overall, it was a great day. I will tell you, after everyone left, Matt and I just layed down and didn't move for like 30 minutes. We were worn out! But it was all worth it and I believe John had a great day.

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