Thursday, July 28, 2011

John's 3rd Birthday

So today was the big day! John turned 3 years old! First of all, for those of you that might not know...I love birthdays. I mean I LOVE birthdays. I am the person that celebrates my birthday all month. Matt's family kind of makes fun of me because I announce my birthday month on August 1st. Birthdays were always a big deal at my house, so I am carrying on the tradition in my family. So today was Celebration #1!
John announced this morning...."It's my BIRTHDAY!!" (Oh yeah...he has caught the fever!)
The amazing thing was that his presents were sitting out in the living room. He asked what they were, I told him they were his presents. He didn't touch them until I gave him permission. Isn't he such a good little boy!
I hope you enjoy the pictures of John's special day.
Opening his presents from Mom, Dad, and Sophia
John was not crazy about this gift at first...but it was my favorite. I made him a reversible cape! It turned out so cute. I will have to put up a tutorial for everyone because it isn't hard at all! I got it from 123 SEW. By the end of the day...he was flying around, shouting "Super WHY!!" (This is a cartoon in case you haven't heard of it.) He loves it now and he sweetly told me "Thank you Mommy for making me this cape."
One side....
The other side.
This was John's favorite gift so far for his birthday. He flew Buzz Lightyear around all day. He even went on errands with us. Matt almost never got it out of the package.
Yes..I did make him a shirt to wear today! :) He also got dry erase crayons which he has been asking for for months! He was watching his new Curious George DVD at the time, saying ...."this is a great day!"
I was the mean mom that took my child to the dentist on his birthday. HOWEVER...he was a ROCKSTAR! He let them count and clean his teeth with no problem. He got a little scared on the X-rays, but was big and did it. They sang him Happy Birthday and gave him special treats. When Pops asked him what he got for his birthday, he said..." I got a toothbrush!" That was the only thing he told Pops he got. :)
We ended the evening at Starbucks with cupcakes from Smallcakes in Lees Summit with Nannee Barb and Papa Mark. They were yummy! As you will see below, Sophia loved them too!

Mom and Dad love you so much. We can't imagine our lives without your smiling face. These have been the best 3 years of our lives and we look forward to many more years of celebrating your birthday with you. You are a special little boy. Your smile is infectious. Your sense of humor is grand. You bring excitement into a room and make people smile. We know that God has great plans for you.
We love you John,
Mom and Dad

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JustJess said...

What an adorable birthday! Love the cape and I bet it will be one of those things he remembers from his childhood as he gets older. Happy Birthday, John!!