Wednesday, July 27, 2011

3 Years Ago Tonight

Three years ago tonight, I was playing cards with my parents and Matt. At 11:00 pm, my mom told me she thought I should be getting to bed because I was needing to get rest. You see the next morning, I would be going into Centerpointe Hospital to get induced. We had to be there at 6:00 a.m. Little did I know that...

1. I would be having a boy.

2. My life would be changed completely.

3. I could love someone so much.

4. Our son would be very talkative, a red head, and make us laugh everyday.

Tomorrow my little guy turns 3. When I tucked John in tonight, I couldn't help to get a little sentimental thinking this was the last night I would be tucking him in as a 2 year old. For some reason 3 sounds so much older!

Our little family will celebrate tomorrow and then the big parties (yes there is more than one) will be on Saturday. Of course, I have went over board trying to make his birthday so special. But that is what I do when it comes to birthdays...

Click here to see the blog that was done the day John was born. My sweet friend Sarah Beard was there that special day. She took pictures of the family meeting John for the first time and then blogged for me to let everyone know. Thank you Sarah for being such a sweet, special friend who captured these moments.

Be prepared for the next couple of days...there should be lots of celebration pictures!!

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