Friday, July 9, 2010

John has been fascinated with scissors lately. Actually it has been ever since I bought an art box for him and there were kid scissors in it. I will tell you that it is hard to teach a child that does it opposite of you. You see...John is left handed, so half the time I am showing him how to do it backwards. So it is a learning experience for both of us!
I do have to brag for a moment. It is amazing how coordinated John is, especially at such a young age. I watched him cut today and I thought "he is cutting better than some kindergarten students". He is already able to track a baseball when he is batting. If you get it in his strike zone...he will hit the ball. He also throws really well. Sometimes, when I am watching him, I forget that he isn't even 2 yet. Okay...enough bragging. Just wanted to get it out.

Here was the process today....

Step 1: Daddy holds the paper while John cuts. I love that concentrated look on his little face. I also love how Sophia is very interested in all of this.

Step 2: Since everything is "I do it" these days...John feels that he doesn't need Daddy or Mommy's help. He is working very hard.

Step 3: He makes the cut all by himself and he is SURPRISED! It was like he couldn't believe he had done it. His response was "I do it! WHOA!"

Step 4: Mommy and Daddy better watch out. There is no telling what he will be cutting in the next few days!

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