Thursday, July 8, 2010

Sophia Bee-ah is 4 months today! Can you believe it? She is growing like a weed and so fun to be around. I believe that she could start rolling over at any time. Last week, we started supplementing formula to her bottles and she is a different baby! She doesn't hardly get fussy anymore. Even though she didn't look like she was going hungry...I guess she was!
We just got back from a LONG car ride to and from PA. Sophia was a rock star passenger. She barely cried the whole time. Everyone loved her in PA. We are so lucky to have this little gal!

4 Things I Love About Miss Sophia...
1. I love how she coos and laughs. She will sit and talk to anything.
2. I love how she loves being talked to. You show this girl any attention and you have got smiles galore!
3. I love how she responds to John now. He will say "Watch this" and do some trick, such as jumping, and she laughs. They both love it!
4. I love how she grabs on to my neck when I am holding her. She is such a cuddle bug and she loves to be close. I love that feeling of her holding on tight.

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