Saturday, July 10, 2010

Berry Picking Time!

Off to the Berry Patch we went today! It was so much fun! We woke up wanting to do something fun...but couldn't figure out what to do. So the Berry Patch popped into my mind and off we went! If you haven't been there, it is a must! It is very laid back and the berries are easy to pick. John was able to help us pick. In about 30 min, we had over 3 lbs of berries picked! They are so yummy! It made me want to own a berry farm. Oh another dream of mine!
Enjoy the pictures!

Little Miss was excited to go...notice she has berries on her shirt. Love themed outfits! If I would have had a shirt with blueberries on it...she would have had it on!

Mister Mister was excited to go also!

Picnic at the patch. They have picnic tables all over the place and it wasn't super busy so we had a few to choose from. They were all shaded too!

We had a visitor at lunch time....he ended up eating John's sandwich. This however, did not scare John. He was all about the dog. I dread the day that he asks for one!

Fia watching us picking berries and cuddling with her blanket. (I know it is 85 degrees outside but she always wants a soft blanket by her face.)

Daddy showing John how to pick berries.

John picking his first few berries...he really did enjoy it.

He's getting the hang of it!

Riding the berry train...I will warn is VERY bumpy. John loved the bumps. The whole time he said "Bump, FAST!"

A little trick...
If you pick berries and want to save them in the freezer without the berries freezing mom taught me a trick. Here are the steps:
1. Wash the berries
2. Lay them out onto a cookie sheet and let them dry for about 30-45 min.
3. Put the cookie sheet with the berries in the freezer overnight.
4. Put the berries in gallon bags.
This allows the blueberries to freeze individually, so if you want to pull out just a bowl full, you don't have to thaw the whole bag. It works fabulously!

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Whitney Richeson said...

What a great idea. Where is the berry patch?