Sunday, June 20, 2010

We are Farm Bound!

Before I start my story about the farm...Sophia sat in her exasaucer for the first time this week. She loved it! She loves looking at all the bright colors and trying to grab the toys around her. to the farm we go! Shatto Milk Company was having Family Farm Day on Saturday. I have been wanting to visit this farm since I started drinking Shatto Milk. Their products are delicious! I read on the website that last year they had over 6500 people show up on this special day and were expecting around 7500 people this year. This did not stop me! I was bound and determined to go to the farm on this fun filled day. My parents came up this weekend, so they got to go on the excursion with us!
So 7:00 a.m., John woke up saying "farm". (We have been talking about the farm for a few days now) He was so excited to go but he had to wait patiently because we weren't leaving until 10:30. We start the drive (it is about an hour away) and it is going great. As we get closer to the farm, it starts getting really dark and the wind is picking up. The weather station comes on the radio saying that Plattsburg (where the farm is located) is expecting 70 mph winds! YIKES! Now I did not drive this whole way to turn around and go home. I am bound and determined to see these cows that produce delicious milk. So we head into Plattsburg to have lunch and wait the storm out. It poured, lighting and thundered, and the winds blew like crazy. Yet, it did pass and we headed back to the farm. This ended up being a great thing for us, because there was barely anyone there! We got to see the cows up close and personal. Try all the different milk products. They even had Cotton Candy milk made for the special day! It was great! I would recommend going to this farm whenever you get a chance. It is free and they will give you a tour if you make a reservation. If you haven't tried their milk, you should! It is in the glass bottles. We get our's at HyVee. Chocolate is my favorite!

Overalls and a bow! She slept the whole time we were at the farm...but she was dressed for the occasion!

This calf was born on Friday! So little and cute!

It is milking time!!

John was not to sure about these big animals. He didn't want to touch them or get near them.
He kept saying "big cow".

However, he did like climbing the bars and he saw a barn cat. I thought he was going to hop over the fence to get to it! He was excited!

All I can say about this picture....the cow is being used as a chair.

This farmer was so nice. He showed us how to milk a cow.

And yes...I milked one too!

Super fun day at the farm!


Whitney Richeson said...

What a great experience! That would be a great Kindergarten field trip!!! I have never milked a cow...I may need to go there too!!

Miller Racing Family said...

What a fun trip! I would love to try cotton and candy milk. I can't believe how big Sophia is getting, great job on the exasaucer. Have a great day.