Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Little Man Turnbough has become Mr. Independent Turnbough. It is all about "I do it." or "No Help." He can move stools over and climb on stuff! He discovered chocolate chips the other day in the cabinets while I was tending to Sophia. He has learned to walk across the stove and open the microwave doors. He wants to wash dishes with the water running all the time. He loves to wash his hands and put "soap", which is lotion, on afterwards. Only, we can't get him the lotion, he has to do it himself. Usually ends in a mess. He has a pair of kid scissors and so badly wants to cut himself, but can't quite do it, so he gives in for some help. (Which is difficult teaching a child who is left handed, when I am right handed) When we take out the trash, he says, "Coming" and helps grab the trash bag. He wants to throw it in himself, so you have to make so that he thinks you aren't helping him get it in the dumpster. When getting in the car, he loves to "unlock" the car with the keys. Then he wants to get in and put the keys in the ignition. He loves the dinging sound that it makes. Then he climbs back to his seat and says, "Music please". So it takes us 20 minutes to go anywhere because of our new routine for the car. I know this is all part of growing up...but oh my! Along with the independence comes the fits do happen quite frequently. God love him...he wants to be big but he just isn't quite yet. It is fun to see all the things he can do. Sometimes I forget that he isn't even two yet.

Sophia is starting to become a thumb sucker. No matter how hard I try to keep that pacifier in...she wants the thumb. Isn't it funny that I am probably going to end up with 2 thumb suckers?? She is growing everyday. She is wanting to sit up all the time. She loves it when people are talking to her...even her brother (most of the time). She loves to stand up on your lap. Those legs are strong! She is trying to roll over...and I have to admit...I don't know if I want her too...I know that means she is one step closer to become mobile!
Now for the 2nd picture....well we have to learn to be a little lady...because as soon as the dress comes is up! She loves pulling the dresses or shirts, over her face, especially to sleep. She chews on it and looks at all the pretty colors. She is a hoot!

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