Tuesday, June 8, 2010

So I didn't take any pictures today...but I wanted to share the day.
  • Woke up at 7:00 to the tickling of John.
  • Fed Sophia...love morning feeding because she is so smiley! Today she is 3 months old!
  • Gave baths...I have it down where I can give 2 baths at the same time!
  • John put toothpaste in his hair, so it made it pointless that I washed his hair.
  • Ate breakfast...John calls bagels "donuts with jelly". That is what he wanted.
  • Watched "Street" (Sesame Street) and sang along to Elmo's World and learned about the letter Y.
  • Played cars and blocks while Miss Sophia snoozed a cat nap.
  • Morning Nap time (10:30)...Since I had been writing a paper until 1:30 a.m. the night before...I snoozed for a little bit of it since both kids were sleeping! I also did some homework.
  • Snuggled on the couch after naps.
  • Had some lunch and sang songs while we ate.
  • Went for a walk when the sun came out followed by playing outside.
  • Watched John climb up and down the slide, John and I went swinging together (loved his giggle as we would go high), Sophia and I cheered John on as he hit the ball off the tee and ran the bases.
  • Laid in the grass with Sophia on a blanket
  • Came in for a short afternoon nap...I did homework.
  • Since it started raining again, we laid a pallet on the floor and we all watched Elmo.
  • Made music shakers (bottles and lentils) and decorated paper to cover our shakers
  • John said he was drawing "Flowers".
  • Danced around with our new shakers.
  • Made dinner and sang more songs.
Today I just kept wanting to soak everything in that we did. I didn't take a single picture because I didn't want to go get the camera. I didn't want to miss anything in my mind, so I just tried to soak it all in. It was a day that I totally focused on my kiddos. I didn't clean house and I didn't try to do homework while they were awake. I loved on them, I snuggled with them, I laughed with them and I sang with them. It amazes me at all the things that John can do now. He is growing up so fast. It is special to see the things that Sophia is doing now. She smiles at her brother, she loves TV, she wants to sit up all the time now and be talked to, and she doesn't want to be in a room by herself.
I love being a mom.

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