Wednesday, June 9, 2010

It is a video night!

John decided to add more to his "flowers" picture today. Here he is telling you about it. We are working on colors right now. After I stopped taping, he decided to draw on the 2nd page. When asked what he was drawing, he replied, "Pops, Truck, Big". I asked him what color is Pop's truck? He said "Red" then he said "Keys, Hat". All the words to sum up Pops!

Miss Sophia is getting so big! She is starting to interact with things around her. She loves when things hang down so she can try to grab them. She also is grabbing for things when she is sitting up. Today she would get VERY frustrated if I laid her down flat. She wanted to be sitting up and looking around.
Now that she is 3 months old I would like to share three things that I love about her...
1. I love how she will smile and then get excited which leads to a chuckle.
2. I love how she is so curious now and wants to see the world.
3. I love how she makes me slow down. John was very laid back when he was a baby so I could leave him in bouncer all day if I would have wanted. Sophia isn't like that...she wants to be a part of it all. She wants to be right where the action is happening. (Who does this sound like?...for those of you that don't is me.) In the evenings, when I "should" be getting things done around the house, she wants to be held. She forces me to sit down and appreciate the time that I have with her. I love this about her.

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Miller Racing Family said...

The videos were so cute. I love how into the coloring John was. Sophia sounds just like Lila as she also loves to be held. I think I have slowed down more and try to enjoy these baby moments with Lila because I know this is probably our last baby.
I did see your mom last night at Relay and got to see some more cute photos of the kiddos.
Hope you have a great day.