Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Tonight is going to be a bunch of words because I have so many thoughts on my mind.

Starbucks on 39th Street is a getaway for me. Two darling friends and I meet together there weekly to discuss the book Crazy Love. However, it is not all we talk about it. It is a safe haven for us. A place to go and speak our minds about really anything we wish. It is a place that we can ask questions about our faith, our kids, our husbands, our finances, or really anything. We talk about things that we hope for, things we dream and things that drive us crazy. We are three people that are going through pretty much the same stage of life, so we understand each other and what are thoughts are as we think out a process. I think back to when I first had John. I felt like I had to be with him all of my spare minutes. I was scared to miss something because so many people said "Oh they grow up so fast." I would get so jealous of Matt when he would go out with the guys, or go to Bible Study or even up to work with friends at the church. I know that I probably wasn't the best wife at the time, because in a way I was lonely. Don't get me wrong...I have a darling son who puts a smile on my face faster than anyone could AND I have a wonderful husband who would do anything for me. At the time I had wonderful friends; yet, still something was missing. It was fellowship. Since then, I have learned that it is okay to really take time to myself. I had said this before when John was first born but I don't think I really believed it. Now, I look forward to my time at the cozy 39th Street Starbucks. I don't get jealous of Matt going out with the guys or heading out to Bible Study. I think the best advice I could give a new mom is to REALLY take time for yourself with girlfriends.
This probably is something very random to write about...but I have been thinking about it, so that's what I blogged. Have a great night.

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Miller Racing Family said...

Well said. Isn't it amazing how much we truly grow up when we have kids. I was in a similar situation as you, feeling lonely, as even when you have kiddos your circle of friends change.
I also have a weekly girl outing, we call it our Tuesday Therapy at lunch. It is the joke at work but man it is one of most prized times of the week. I also really enjoy blogging as it is my me time that you get to be honest and connect with moms that have the same interest and that are going through the same things.
Thank goodness for friends and for growing up as mommies.
Hope you had a fabulous day!