Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Things that went on at our house tonight...

John was convinced that he could get in this truck. He tried and tried and ended up being frustrated.

We've had trouble with John splashing TONS of water out of the bathtub, so we bought him a distraction. It was a hit! He only splashed at the end and we didn't have a river on our bathroom floor.

Today I had contractions and they had me come in and get monitored at the hospital. Looks like I am at 1cm. and 70% effaced...so the contractions did something today. My instructions...stay off your feet as much as possible. Matt made sure that I did this tonight and this is what he fixed me for a snack while we watched a movie. CREAM PUFFS!!


Miller Racing Family said...

Boys will be boys.
Wow, sounds like the little one is getting ready to come.
Is it a pregnant thing or are those cream puffs to die for. lol

Whitney Richeson said...

Those cream puffs look amazing! :) I hope you are feeling ok. I didn't see you today at school.