Monday, February 22, 2010

John loves when I say "Are you ready to brush your teeth?" He instantly points to his teeth and says "br teeth". Tonight I caught him doing some tricks while he was brushing.
1. Making faces in the mirror
2. Trying to turn the water off and on with his foot

Yesterday we went to Barnes and Noble. John was walking between my mom and I. I hear this soft humming coming from him as we walk. In the middle of his humming
, he would stop and say hi to anyone walking buy. However, the farther we got in the store...the louder his humming got. By the time we got to the children's section, he was singing with mouth wide open and loudly. LOVE IT!

Below is the book that my mom got John yesterday and it is super cute. It is like Simon Says but Elmo Says. John interacts with it as Elmo says to do different things. He thinks it is really funny when Elmo says "uh oh" because he didn't say "Elmo says"
Good book pick!
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Miller Racing Family said...

Love the photo of John's little foot. What a cute guy you have!
Hope you are feeling well!