Sunday, February 21, 2010

Yesterday was a PIE MAKING day! Matt wanted to give my mom's famous apple pies to all of his volunteers. This is a total of 19 people so we made 20 pies on Saturday (we made one for ourselves). Luckily my mom came up this weekend, so we had her helping. Matt had a wedding that he had to help with and his last words as he went out the door was "you ladies, don't feel like you have to make all the pies while I am gone. I'll help when I get back." Mom and I started at 12:45 and were getting ready to make the last pie at 3:15. (We didn't bake them) Matt walked in the door and really looked disappointed when we told him that 19 pies were made. He insisted on making the last pie...and we let him.
I couldn't blog about it last night because he wanted people to be surprised when they got their pies this here are the pics from yesterday. Enjoy!
John was big helper all day. He helped us peel, stir and eat the apples.

Luckily we had a an apple peeler/corer. It would have been a long, painful day without one.

Here is John doing one of his favorite jobs...eating.

Lovely picture...huh? I was in charge of the topping for the pie. (That's my favorite part to eat!)

The first pie...COMPLETE!

The pile of peelings after we were finished. There were a lot of apples.

The finished product...19 pies and one in the oven.

A great day indeed!


Katie said...

Thank you so much for our pie! I am wanting to save it to share with my Grandpa, he loves apple pie!

Spring Patch said...

Hold up... You made 19 (!) pies in three hours????

Whoa. That is some seriously speedy pie making.

Whitney Richeson said...

How in the world did you make that any pies in just 3 hours? I am impressed! Maybe you should host a pie baking class???

Sarah said...

Amazing! maybe I should have a recipe? It was soo good to talk to you this morning. Don't say it enough, but I love you!

Miller Racing Family said...

Now I am impressed with all those pies. I am lucky to get one pie made. What a sweet thought.
Thank goodness for moms!