Friday, August 10, 2007

We've Made a Friend!!!

Hello everyone...I don't have much time at this moment but i wanted to update eveyone really quickly on a few things. 1st...we have made a new friend. Her name is Andrea and she is also a teacher at the Berlitz school. She emailed us the other day and offered to let us stay at her apartment until we have found our own apartment. Isn't that awesome! We thought we were going to have to stay in a hotel until we found a place. So not only have we found a friend, who loves to cook :), but she is saving us money!! YEAH! We also made another friend, named Trevor, who just got back from teaching in Belgrade, and he gave us his number to ask questions. We talked with him this morning and he made us so excited to be going. He assured us that it was the hidden gem of Europe. He asked if we like coffee...well, of course we excitedly said YES, and he let us know that there is a cafe on every corner. He said that it is a past time of the Serbians to hang out at the cafes. Is that perfect or what!!

We also got our official international teacher card today along with our packet of information that let us know some more details. It is all coming together and I can't believe it. WE just hope that we can get everything done before we leave.

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