Saturday, August 11, 2007

A Tired Day

Hello everyone. Today is a tired day. I would much rather be doing something else besides packing and worry about the house...but I am just going to have to suck it up! First...I know that selling your own house saves you money...but wow it is a lot of work and we really don't know what we are doing. Kind of scary huh?
However...some good news is that we have packed for Serbia and we are looking good on space and hopefully weight. We even get to take our bathrobes!
We have started learning Serbian through a website that we were able to download. It is found at and it is awesome. If you are wanting to learn any type of language...this is the website for you. is a good website if you want to implement it into your classroom (especially if you have a smart board). Speaking of is really weird to not be getting a classroom ready. I kind of miss it...(strange...I never thought I would say that).
It looks as if we are going to be moving stuff out of our house starting Monday night and hopefully finishing it on Tuesday.
One thing that is so amazing about this whole move is that we have got to see all of the helpful people in our lives. We have had so many people offer to do things for us. We have had people offer storage, help to clean the house, help to move things, help to pack, and most importantly we have had so many people say that they are praying for us. It is so cool and I hope that one day Matt and I can be as helpful as the people that are in our lives.

A prayer request from us:
There is not a lot of Protestant churches over in Belgrade, so please pray that we can find people that share the same faith as us. Pray that we can be a tool for God and that we can plant his seeds.
Today I am going to look for some cool websites to let you know more about Belgrade and Serbia. So make sure to check the website for more information. I have also added an awesome picture of an area in Belgrade. Beautiful huh?


Anonymous said...

Jodie and Matt,
All of your friends at Lakeland are so excited for you! And at the same time we are going to miss you very much! Lisa and I will be back Friday from Colorado and would be glad to help out in any way that we can. You guys are kick butt world changers!


Dustin and Gina said...

Jodi!! It was fun reading your blog! It looks like you are going to the beach and we are in the mountains. They are both beautiful. I know you all will do a great work wherever you go. Things are going well here in West Virginia, but it is a little sad for me as well that I am not setting up a classroom.
Keep in touch, and talk soon.

tiffhamblin said...

Thinking of you and praying for your safety.


Ty said...

Hey guys hope things are going good for you. Been thinking about you. Matt, just think we are busier and it is myself, Shawn,, and Ross. Peace.