Wednesday, August 8, 2007

I am so behind!!

Okay everyone! I know that I have not updated this thing in forever and I am truly sorry. I promise that I am going to do better! Matt and I have been in China the last two weeks and it was amazing. We fell in love with the people in the village and loved seeing the scenery as we hiked through the mountains. God was with us the whole trip and kept us safe from any danger. Even though there was a language barrier, we were able to connect with people and show God's love to them. We played with the kiddos and danced with the adults! We have about 600 pictures plus video footage! Right now I am on my in-laws computer, so I don't have any pictures with me, but I promise to post them so that you can get a look at what we saw and did.
Our big new right now is that we got placed for our teaching job this upcoming year! We will be teaching English at the Berlitz language school in Belgrade, Serbia. Serbia is above Greece and across the Adriatic Sea from Italy. They speak Serbian. We found out while we were China and little did we know that our phone was ringing off the hook while we were away with interested renters for our house. God has been in total control, even when we didn't think he was. He has kept us on our toes and we have truly learned what living by faith means. We had been looking for the perfect laptop at a good price for months and couldn't quite find one. When we arrived back from China, we saw that it was tax free weekend and we saw an add in the paper for the laptop we had been wanting. They had two left in the we got one and my parents got the other one. Crazy huh?? It is all working out. We are leaving on Wednesday, August 23rd and we will arrive in Belgrade on the 24th. We start training on the 27th as well as meeting with a real estate agent after our training on the 27th. Things are happening quite quickly, but everything is going quite smoothly so we are trucking along. I will later post some links to information about Belgrade and the school that we are teaching at. We are planning on keeping our blog updated weekly (or even more that) once we get over there. We are also using Skype as another way of communicating home. It is an internet phone. It is free to download and it cost nothing to talk on it through the computer. You can go to and get more information about it. Let us know if you get it so we know that we can talk to you while we are over there.

Okay...I have got to run, but I promise that I will update you more as we get more information.

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