Monday, October 26, 2015

Books, Books, Books!

These two books below are amazing. Every time I read a page or a chapter in these books, I am inspired and walk away feeling like "there is actually someone out there like me" and "I can do this!" 

Side note...
The above statements make me sound like I read all the time. This is not true. I dream of reading all the time. However, the book Carry On, Warrior, I think I have been reading it for about a year now and my Kindle says I am at 68%. I did start For the Love, and I am on chapter 3 now so I am gaining some ground. I find minutes to read if possible. For example, today while taking John to karate, Sophia fell asleep in the car. My heart leaped for joy because I knew that I would have to stay in the car and I guessed I would just have to read a few chapters. I also like to read in the car. Matt, my husband loves to listen to talk radio and I HATE it. I loath talk radio. So I don't feel pressure to talk to him because I would hate to interrupt him. My children are usually watching some type of movie so VOILA! I get to read!

Anyway, back to these books. They are amazing. Both of them equally amazing. You should also feel better that you can read either one of these for a while, lay it down during crazy seasons in your life, and then pick it back up and feel like you have just been reacquainted with an old friend. 

Carry On Warrior- an awesome book but beware, this lady speaks her mind and I love it. She just tells it how it is whether you agree or not. She has a great story about where she came from and how she loves Jesus with all her heart. Honestly, she says a lot of things I think in my head and don't necessarily say out loud. But once again, she loves Jesus and the particular chapter I read today was how we should treat everyone we come in contact like we were Jesus. God made these precious souls that we see either once in a life time or every single day. How sometimes we have to turn our cheek when someone says something hurtful, but when we turn our cheek, often times we turn our face to something that is beautiful. Oh...I love that. 

For the Love - If you have never read a Jen Hatmaker have to read one. She also has an awesome devotional called Out of the Spin Cycle. One of the best devotionals I have ever done. This lady gets me and I think she will get you too. She brings this being a woman thing into a realistic view. She challenges you to find your place and be proud of your gifts. Ugh...I love this book so much. I could go on and on about it. 

I do hope you pick up one of these books and if not, that you would find a book that inspires you each time you pick it up. Have a great evening! 

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