Sunday, August 3, 2014

Little Bit

This little nugget went in for her 2 month check up and came in weighing 12lbs 9 oz. She is an eater! She also is 23 inches long. She is a growin'!
We also tried her out in the bumbo because she loves looking around and seems to get frustrated when she isn't up and looking at everything. She loved it. She was actually smiling bigger than below but as soon as I get out the camera, the smiles leave. Little stinker!

I love that it appears she is gazing at her big sister. So sweet!

Sitting up and being big.

Well the time has come. I go back to work tomorrow. It is crazy to think that with John I went back at 4.5 weeks, Sophia was 6 weeks and Nora is 10, almost 11 weeks. But I think it is harder. I don't know if it because I have been home so long or if it because she is my last one. In some ways I feel like the summer flew by but in other ways, it was long. I do love my job and I am excited to start this phase in my life, but dang - I will miss those afternoon naps (when I got them) with her on my chest. I will miss playing all day with the big kiddos. I will miss all of us staying in our pjs throughout the day. I am jealous that my little "momma's girl" will be snuggling with other people. But also feel blessed that we have people in our lives that will snuggle her. I know tomorrow will be tough and I pray for the day to go smooth. The best thing is that I work with awesome people, who I look forward to seeing and I know they will comfort me.

Dear God,
I pray for this next chapter in our lives. I pray that we slow down when we can and enjoy the little moments. Thank you for allowing the Nanas to be here the next 2 weeks to help transition our family. Be with Mrs. Jewel as she takes care of my sweet baby. Be with Matt as he stays home with the girls on certain days- give him patience when he needs it. I pray for Sophia's pre-k teachers as she heads to this next step. I pray for John's Kindergarten teacher and the other teachers that will impact his life during his Kindergarten year. I thank you for putting wonderful people in our lives that help mold our sweet babies. I pray for my kiddos that they will remember they are Yours and that you will hold them close. I pray that they remember to show your love through their actions and words. Letting go is so hard and I can't imagine how you feel when you have to let us go to make our own decisions. I pray for my job and the impact it has on others. I pray for my attitude and I pray that I will recognize when I need help.  I pray for balance and to stay close to you. Thank you for this sweet time that we have had this summer. It has been hard but you have been there every step of the way. Give me strength to get through the day.


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