Friday, July 18, 2014

Shopping With My Boy

First off, I would like to say thank you to all the people that sent me sweet messages about my last post. After hitting the publish button and then putting it on my Facebook status, I was a little nervous. However, I also felt so much lighter. When writing that post, I wasn't looking for sympathy from people but the sweet words and offers that people wrote to me (those that offered to watch my kids for me...BEWARE...I am probably going to take you up on that!) meant so much. It was so humbling to hear from ladies that have or are struggling with the same thing I am struggling with. So thank you for reading my blog and thank you for letting me be transparent. 

Now on to today - 
What a special day this was! My sweet boy is heading to Kindergarten this year. I am lucky because though I haven't gotten to stay home with my kids for the past 6 years, I get to have them with me when they head to school. I feel so blessed to have this privilege. (Hopefully I will still be saying this at Christmas time...I kid I really I do hope that it is going to go as great as I think it is.)
So I had told John that just him and I would go shopping for his school supplies and we would get his birthday party supplies at the same time. Last night I had told him we would go after I fed Nora. Now in my mind, I was thinking her 9:00 am feeding. So after feeding her at 6:00, I headed back to my bed and John met me in the hallway. He was all dressed and said "Ready to go Mom?" I couldn't disappoint, so I said "Sure". So I slipped on clothes, brushed me teeth and brewed myself a cup of coffee - and off we went!

First stop was Dunkin' Donuts. We hadn't been to the new one that opened up in Blue Springs so we thought we would give it a try. I did refrain (oh so hard to do but I have to fit in my clothes for school or buy a new wardrobe - Matt prefers I try to fit into my clothes. :)) but John approved with his 3 kinds of doughnut holes. 

Next stop of Wal-Mart to get the goods. My son is hilarious. These were big decisions for him. What color folders to get, what lunchbox to pick, what box of Kleenex to select, and the decisions went on and on. Then on to birthday supplies. What to put in the party favor bags, what cupcake liners to choose, and most importantly what plates and napkins to serve to his guests??!!
But all the decisions were made and we got checked out. He put all the bags in the cart and talked to the cashier the whole time. She knew everything that had happened this summer and what was going to be happening in the next month of our lives. I finally had to cut him off and tell him there were people waiting to check out behind us. As we were walking, I told him we would have to pick out his "first day of school outfit" another day. He looked at me and said "Why do I need a new outfit for the first day of school?" Ugh...such a boy. I simply explained it was a special day and I always got a new outfit for the first day of school (still do) so I thought it would be special for him to do the same. He looked at me and said, "Okay mom, but NOTHING fancy. I mean it." I giggled and told him that he would get to pick the outfit. 

I love this picture above. I think it just captures how excited we were and how much fun our shopping trip was this early Friday morning. 
Here is the sweet boy with his school supplies. He is most excited about his lunch box. It has a cool dot that turns blue when things are cold inside. He also says his teacher will love his glue because it has an apple on it and all teachers love apples. He is such a crack up. 

Have a great night. 

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