Thursday, June 19, 2014

A Start in the Morning

I am a morning person. However, with the new little one, I am still getting use to our new morning routine, or should I say, the "no routine" morning. That is right...we really don't have a routine. The only routine we have is that Nora will want to eat. Everything is based around it!
After the mom's left, I had to figure out something that I could easily make for myself and the rest of the family. That is when I went to smoothie making. smoothie making is so easy. You pretty much just take what you have and put it in a blender. I add fruit, vegetables (such as kale or spinach),  Greek yogurt (or regular yogurt) and  whatever liquids might be in the fridge and VOILA a breakfast is made. A trick I have learned, use frozen fruit, then you don't have to add ice, which waters it down. This mornings creation was mango, pinapple (both of these frozen and already chopped), coconut, yogurt, orange juice and a little honey. So YUMMY! 
Yesterday's creation was spinach, pinapple, mango, orange juice and a little honey. It was a beautiful green and so delicious. 
Of course, coffee always goes with this. I never miss a morning with coffee. I do have a funny story from this morning about coffee. I put water in the Keurig and I remember putting the K Cup in the machine. However, I don't remember anything after that. I got busy getting the big kids ready for Summer Adventure. When I went back to make a cup of coffee, there was a mug sitting under the spout with a little bit of coffee in it. When I called Matt to ask him if he had made coffee, he simply replied "I looked over and coffee was running with no mug under it." Yup, ladies and gentlemen, that is right, I started it, with no mug underneath, and walked away. I have never been so glad that the inventors of the Keurig made a spot where coffee can drip into it instead of all over your counter. It was either a woman inventor, who knows what is like to be pulled in 20 different directions or it was a husband, who has a wife that has done something like this before. 

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