Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Well, we have started seeing the unpleasant 3's with our little guy. Just here and there...but they are certainly present. You can tell Mr. John is testing the waters just to see what he can get away with. This week has been back talking and saying no. I will say...this gets my blood boiling! However, I am proud of Matt and I. We have tried to stay consistent and stop it as quickly as possible. Like I said before...it is just here and there, but I don't want it to show anymore. This is where it can be hard to be a parent. Sometimes I just want to ignore it so I don't have to address it one more time. However, I know it will make it worse. So Matt and I face it and address it. We love this little guy and we want him to be the best kid he can be.

Something cute about him is his new sayings. He doesn't yesterday or tomorrow. Instead he says "last day" for yesterday and "this day" for today (even though he does say "What are we doing today?" every morning) and "next day" for tomorrow.
He was at Nana and Pops house this weekend. He told me he ate at Smartees. I was a little unsure but figured out that it was Hardees.

Sophia is getting so big! She is really starting to talk even more. She is saying things like "Good morning", "(Insert name) where are you?", and singing the Veggie Tales song. She also dances to I'm a Little Teapot. She is a strong little girl. I guess a little one at Mrs. Jewel's house tried to take a toy away from her. She did not back down and she ended up getting to keep her toy. She stands her ground!

Below are pictures of when Nana LeAnn was at the house this last week. She and John made an apple pie. Then her and the kiddos created a "Kitty Cat" pumpkin.

Eating and peeling at the same time!
The beautiful pie that was so yummy!

The creative "Kitty Cat" pumpkin

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