Sunday, October 30, 2011

Fall Fun

So the last 2 weeks or so have been quite the two weeks. For one week, we went without internet or tv. I must say...we got a lot of stuff done! The next week, I was sick. When I say sick, I mean I couldn't leave the couch for almost one week. It was terrible. I did get caught up on my favorite tv shows and my not so favorite tv shows. On Wednesday I was so excited to get back to work. Matt called me "weird".
So I apologize for the long time of no blogging, but this should catch everyone up. I must let you know...there a lot of pictures.

1. We got a fire pit! (Thank you Shultz family!) We got to share smores with our friends the Sharkys. (Sophia refused to get in this picture...but she only liked the graham crackers.)
2. Off to the pumpkin patch! We went to Sibley's Pumpkin Patch out by Fort Osage. It is a small, quaint place and it was perfect for our little ones. Here they await the hayride that will take us to the pumpkins!
Farmer John...
Sophia...not so much...
Sophia found the pumpkin of the day!
The first caramel apple for Sophia and John...they LOVED it!

3. Sophia got her first set of jewelry! She loves it and I love having a girl!
4. Pumpkin carving...
Remember how Sophia found the pumpkin of the day. Well, when we went to go get seems that we forgot it at the pumpkin patch. Yes, after we paid for it. I guess it never made it in the car. Luckily, we had a couple extra pumpkins for decorations.
Sophia loved getting the seeds out and John was not fan. However he loved helping Matt carve it.
I love pumpkin carving! I think I enjoyed it more than the kids.

5. Boo at the Zoo!
The kids were pumped to go trick or treating at the zoo with the animals. Nana LeAnn and Pops went along with us and it was a great day! Below is Elmo and friends.
John loved feeding the sheep.

This sheep loved Sophia....
She did not like it one bit!
Have you ever seen an Elmo and Zoe ride tractors?

Or do a ropes course?
So that is it...we have been enjoying the beautiful Fall weather and the activities that go with it. We hope your Fall is going just as well!

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