Saturday, August 20, 2011

Turning 30

Well it has happened....I am now 30. I was nervous about it but it all was okay and I had a great day.
My wonderful new staff...they are fabulous...dressed all in black and had a bagel breakfast to start the day of celebration. They presented me 30 suckers with a lollipop that said "30 Sucks" and a yummy gift card to Starbucks. I was showered through the day with cards and gift cards. The office staff wrote my name "Jodee" (Which is how I always wanted to spell it when I was younger. I had told them this story a few days after I started the new job and they remembered!) on a card, which will help me get more accessories for my new "professional" clothes. Along with a yummy cake to munch on through the day.
Matt brought me a birthday Dr. Pepper during the day.
Then off to my in-laws where a yummy dinner was made and I was once again showered with gifts. Beautiful jewelry and other accessories, along with a Chi! (The Chi has a story behind it that I might share in a later blog.)
The night ended with an episode of 30 Rock and my parents coming in late that night to visit for the weekend.
My parents were here. This let me have a day off from dressing kids, changing diapers, washing any dishes, and just let me relax when I got home. My parents took us out for dinner and then beat us in a game of cards. Oh...and a yummy peach cobbler was made by my momma. (Mom and Dad had taken me shopping for my birthday so I would have "grown up/professional" clothes for administration.)
A relaxing day of doing nothing and visiting with friends.

Turning 30 wasn't a big hoopla or a big was simply hanging out with family, some friends and seeing how blessed I am. And I loved it.
One funny thing that happened though....
The night I turned 30, I twisted my knee picking up John. Then when I went out to eat...the food upset my stomach. I hope the whole year isn't like this. :)

I think my 30s are going to be great.


Bridget KD said...

We had SO much fun hanging out on Saturday!

mandy said...

30 is great!! Enjoy!