Friday, July 15, 2011

Simmons Childrens Camp

I had the pleasure of serving at Simmons Childrens Camp as the worship leader for the 2nd year in a row this past week. Simmons Baptist Camp played an important part of my life as I was growing up. It was the local church camp and I went there through Childrens Camp and Girls Camp. I also served as a counselor for 4 years (I think it was that long). I truly love this place.

Sure it is out in the wilderness so there are A LOT of creatures and bugs. There is no air conditioning, well I take that back...there is one room...the dining room. There are like 80 little rock stairs that you have to battle numerous times a day because the ampitheater and bunk houses are at the bottom and the dining hall and pool are at the top. There are only 3 showers for like 30 some girls and the bunk beds have been there for ever. But it is a sweet spirited place. You see...a lot of people start their walk with the Lord here. You can truly feel the Spirit of God in this place. Thousands of friendships have started and remained through this camp. I have so many memories of doing chants before each meal, hoping your groups' chant got picked so you could eat first. Late night swims and snacks with other counselors. Canoe rides and camp fires with marshmallows while campers are singing and laughing, meanwhile, the camp director is just hoping no one tries to jump in the fire. Best of all, the services in the worship area. You do have to sit on hard rock bleachers, but the sound of campers singing their hearts out and loving the Lord will never be forgotten.

You see, that is why I love being the music leader at this camp. For the past two years I have used songs from the Seeds Family Worship cds. The kids LOVE these songs. They sing at the top of their lungs and jump for joy as they sing bible verses. This year, these kids walked away learning 7 Bible verses and LOVING it. As my kids heard me say numerous times this year....IT IS AWESOME! The kids faces and voices touch my heart. 24 decisions were made this year of kids that want to follow the Lord. They made life changing decisions this week and I am so blessed that I got to be a part of it.

Another special part of camp this year is that John sang worship with me. I mean the whole worship service. He was on stage with a microphone in front of 60 some kids singing praises with them. He danced with the kids and it was GREAT. He told my dad, the camp director, " I think I will be a camper here some day." Both of our hearts swelled.

I never remembered to have someone tape John singing on stage. So after the last service, he put on a show for my mom and I. I got him singing one of the songs. So I hope you enjoy my sweet boy singing about Jesus.

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