Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A Typical Summer Afternoon at the Turnbough's

Everyday, after naps, we have popsicles and then play outside. It is like clockwork...John wakes up and says "Popsicle please!" and then I say..."We have to wait until Sophia wakes up." He waits patiently and then as soon as we hear her start talking...he is off down the hall saying "Fia, it's popsicle time!" Now I have learned that it is a much easier clean up if the kids don't have clothes on and then we clean off in the pool. I love summer time!
After popsicle time and a quick dip in the pool (because it was windy today) John took Sophia for a drive.
"Mom we are going to the gas station and then Chick-Fila. We need gas in my truck and we are hungry. Do you want anything?"
Yes...he does have his arm around her! Watch out girls...
I just love this picture.
Sophia waves like she is in a parade the whole time. She also screams "Wheeee!"

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Miller Racing Family said...

We are so with you on the summer fun with pools and popsicles. Trey is our ice cream man and Lila is catching up with him. They both love the Jolly Rancher popsicles but sad to say they turn little Lila's face all blue and purple or whatver color she is eating. Love the photo of the kiddos driving off.