Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Weekend 2011

This weekend had hopes for a trip to the zoo, playing outside, and hanging out with family and friends...but plans changed. My little ones ended up being sick all weekend. We ended Saturday with high fevers then followed up with a Sunday visit to Urgent Care. The small ones ended up having cold sores in their mouths and down their throats. Poor babies! Everything would hurt when they would eat or drink. I think the doctor felt sorry for us because she loaded us up with Motrin, Tylenol, and "Magic Mouthwash".

The good news is that we are on the up! Today the kids were fever free but still pretty lothargic. We did get to play outside and set the pool up. The best part of the whole weekend was there was

A LOT of momma cuddle time!

This was the first time Sophia smiled all weekend. She had "Magic Mouthwash" and was able to eat some pudding.

She is feeding herself now with a spoon!

John was ready to set up the pool today. Poor guy...he would play for 30 minutes and then say "I need a rest." He just doesn't have his energy back yet.

John loved being in the pool today!

On the other hand...Sophia did not.

She prefers to sit on a towel and soak in the rays.

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