Friday, February 11, 2011

So John is really into dressing himself. His look seems to be layers...or he just can't decide what he wants to wear. Our little man has become quite the fashion man since he learned to put on his own pants and shirts. He has even tried to put on his own diaper.
The other morning he came into the living room. He had 3 pairs of underwear in his hand. He then proceeded to put on the 3 pairs of underwear over his pj pants and REFUSED to take them off.
Another day, he insisted he wear 4 shirts. He seriously could not put his arms down. I can only imagine what Mrs. Jewell was thinking when he walked into her house.
These pictures are Mr. John dressing himself for bed. I think he ended up with 4 pairs of pants and maybe 3 shirts. It makes him look even bigger than he is because the layers add up.
At the end I have a video of him dressing himself. It is kind of long, but I thought it was adorable how he really tries to do it all by himself.

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Miller Racing Family said...

What a scream! The 3 pairs of underwear totally crack me up. Love the second photo, John is such a cute little guy!