Thursday, February 3, 2011

Another snowday...actually 3 this week. It has been wonderful, I must admit.
Sophia is working on another tooth, possibly 2 (that makes 5 and 6). She "glided" across her toy box yesterday. John and I did a cheer and told her she was on her way to walking. In just a few days she will be 11 month. This just seems unbelievable to me.

Sophia making her way across her toy box

She made it!

Look at those cheeks!

Love this sweet picture. I imagine her saying "Look Mommy, I did it!"

John (whom does have a diaper on even though it doesn't look like it) decided to take Sophia for a wagon ride through the house. I followed along to make sure she didn't fall out. Once they got to John's bedroom door he said "Mommy, stop. John and Sophia time." and he promptly shut the door.
Classic John Story:
We had porkchops for dinner.
Matt: John do you want porkchops?
John: YEAH! Porkchops!
John runs in to the kitchen and gets chocolate chips out of the cabinet. He held them out to Matt and said "Porkchops!"
Matt: "No, those are chocolate chips. Porkchops are in the crock pot."
John:" No...porkchops" Holding up the chocolate chips to Matt.
The conversation went back and forth a few times.
John: (holding one finger up) "Open I be careful"
John proceeds to get a pair of scissors to open the bag.
Matt convinced him to eat real porkchops and have chocolate chips for dessert.
Matt also let John cut open the bag.
This led to cuts all over the bag, including both ends. They are now in a baggie.

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Miller Racing Family said...

Can Missouri get anymore snow? I think Trey is getting really tired of the snow but Donnie is loving all the time off to work on the race car.
Miss. Lila is also getting more teeth. We have 8 now, she usually gets hers in 2 by 2.