Wednesday, January 19, 2011

While I was out in NC over Christmas Break, my sweet, sweet husband tiled the bathroom floor! Isn't he amazing? He had never tiled anything before and it took him a whole week to do it. He worked really hard and was so proud of his work. A big thank you also goes out to Terry...he helped Matt out. You guys are great!
Background to the flooring incident:
We use to have carpet in the guest bathroom. Right after John turned 1, I was exhausted because I was in my first trimester with Sophia. We had just thrown a big shin dig for John's birthday and I needed to soak a piece of John's clothing. I put it in the bathroom sink, stopped up the sink, mixed in some Oxy Clean and turned the water on. I guess I got side tracked because I left the room and started doing other things. That was when it hit me...I ran to the bathroom and it was flooded. Water was everywhere. It was even leaking under the cabinet and dripping into the garage. I was sobbing and felt terrible. Matt tried to dry out the carpet but it just couldn't be saved. So the carpet was ripped out and this ugly flooring was exposed. We kept it exposed for quite awhile...Matt kept saying he wanted to tile it. He wanted to learn.
This leads to the wonderful surprise that my husband had for me when we returned from NC. He had told me there was a surprise waiting for me and I was not expecting it at all. It looks wonderful and I love Matt so much!
Thank you Matt!


Sarah said...

It Made It!!! Way to go Matt!

Whitney Richeson said...

What a great job he did! :)