Monday, January 17, 2011

Big Boy Bed

It finally came. He has learned to climb on everything. Nothing is out of reach for this boy. The only thing that he left alone was his bed. He would climb into it, but not out of it. I had seen him climb out of it, but never when he was suppose to be sleeping.Until Saturday...
We tried to lay him down for a nap...and out he walks. No nap was taken and that is never good. We tried to get him to lay down for bed time...and out he walks.
So it was time. My plan was that when we potty trained over Spring Break, we would do the big boy bed also. Well...throw that plan out the window.
John helped Matt take apart the bed and make it into a toddler bed. John acted very excited for it on Sunday night. Until it was time to actually go to sleep. Long story short...we were up 3 times putting him back into his bed throughout the night. It wasn't that he was coming out of his was that he was screaming in the middle of his room.
Oh boy...
Today (Monday), his nap went great. He laid down easily and slept for an hour and a half. Tonight was another story. He wanted me to lay down with him. I stood my ground and said no. We discussed and I kissed him good night. He soon came out saying "Mommy, you forgot your bag!" (I had left a bag in his room earlier that day) We directed him back to his room and the tears start to flow. "Bed too scary" was the words I was hearing. It was so sad. We discussed once more. I promised a treat. Soon, John is back in the kitchen saying "New PJs please!" He had brought in new pjs to put on. Directing him once again, more firmer, and the same words were being said "Bed too scary". I tell you what...when he puts on that sad face it is hard not to scoop him up and put him to bed with us. But we stood firm. I did sit in him room for a few minutes to help him calm down.

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