Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Our Family's Christmas
We have our little family Christmas on Christmas Eve morning. It is a great time that we spend with just the 4 of us. Our dear friend Terry and Darlene came over to have brunch with us after we opened gifts. It was a great time visiting and the kids loved playing with them.

The tree before the kids woke up.

The kiddos waking up and getting ready for presents. It was funny because there had been presents under our tree for a long time. I think John didn't realize that some of them were for him. So he didn't even try to go over and open gifts that morning. We had to convince him that it was okay to go over and open presents.

Sophia loved getting things out of her stocking. We finally have girl toys in our house!

John so excited about every gift.

Sophia loved all the colors on all the presents.

Somebody from our church called us the day before and told us that they had a electric car that they were giving away...so John got one for Christmas. He loves it! He only knows how to stop by running into things. When he almost ran his sister over, we moved it to the basement. I never thought the words "Don't run over your sister!" would leave my mouth.

Sophia loved swiping John's presents when he was looking.

First thing he had to do was fix the wheels. He got the bottle opener and started fixing away!

This is only part of the living room. Behind me looked even messier because we hadn't put away toys from Nana and Papa's house yet.

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