Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Christmas with the Turnboughs
Christmas with the Turnboughs always happens on the 23rd of December. In the past, the girls get together and bake goodies. Barb, my sweet mother in law, decided that we didn't need to be in the kitchen. She got a spa reserved for us and we were able to get our feet and backs rubbed. It was AWESOME! We sat and talked, ate, and had a great relaxing time. The dads stayed home with the kids...what great guys!

The girls relaxing at the spa. Aunt Vicki and Aunt Sherry were getting massaged while the picture was being taken.

John, Sophia and Nana getting some cuddle time before opening gifts.

Brant had to work on the 23rd, so we had to wait for him to open presents. Poor Sophia couldn't stay away any longer, so she slept right through the present opening. Here she is right before falling asleep.

While waiting to open gifts, John decided to show off his big boy pants, that he put on over his diaper. Never a dull moment!

Present time! This is was so neat to see John get excited for Christmas. He could open his own gifts and get excited when he saw them. It was precious to see his face light up.

The living room was filled with gifts, bags and wrapping paper. It was quite the chaos but so much fun.

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