Saturday, October 23, 2010

Scott and Emily...and soon to be Elijah John were all here this week! Scott is my baby brother. Him and his wife, Emily, live in North Carolina and we hadn't seen them since Christmas. (There will be another blog about their visit later on) We had a shower for the new baby that will be joining us in February. It was a fun, relaxing show
er and we got to see some good family friends.

Sophia got to meet her Uncle Scott and Aunt Emily for the first time! She LOVED them! We tried to get John in on the picture, but he not up for posed pictures at this point in time.

John colored Scott and Emily a picture to go on their fridge in NC as he waited for the shower to start.

Cute little decoration that I saw at a school shower. All you need is a diaper, washcloths and some ribbon.

My first diaper cake!

The table of snacks...

My mom found these cute little candies to make...2 lifesavers, one Dot and some icing for glue...what do you get??? A cute little edible pacifier.

My mom made these also...little Styrofoam cups that are made into little booties. They were filled with nuts. They were a hit at the party!

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