Monday, October 4, 2010

Little Man Turnbough was a ring bearer this weekend. We had been prepping him for weeks, but as any 2 year olds never know how they will be that day. He didn't want his picture taken this particular day, so the pictures are few; however, he did come running down the aisle to get the sucker that we had promised him. As soon as he was down the aisle...he was done and ready to go. I must say he looked pretty darn handsome!

New things today...
John's new word is "probably".
Sophia tried out the Johnny Jumper and is still getting use to it. Tooth number 2 is coming in and it is hitting her full force. She had a fever the whole day of the wedding (Sunday). She stayed home today with Daddy and seems to be feeling better. She is very congested and SO drooly.

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