Saturday, October 2, 2010

Fun at the Turnbough household on a Saturday...

Sophia dancing with Daddy....
Sophia mad at Daddy for stopping! Oh and by the way...I think tooth number 2 is coming in and she doesn't like it!

We had s'mores tonight over the stove.

John finished his playing tonight with his tool bench.
John prays each night. This was his prayer tonight: (he is saying thank you for all of these things)
Dear Father,
Dear Father,
lunch, ball, Fia, drum, grass, Mommy, glove
(I asked him, "What about Daddy?")

Big wedding day tomorrow...John will be walking down the aisle as a ring bearer. This will be his first wedding, so we will see how it goes. I have bribed him with a we will see if that helps.

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Whitney Richeson said...

LOVE IT. Good luck at the wedding. I know he will do great!:)