Sunday, September 19, 2010

What a busy weekend! It was a whirlwind, but it was fun. Unfortunately, homework was put off all weekend, but I guess I will get caught up sometime. :) Saturday morning started with baths and the Blue Springs Parade. The kids loved it with the exception of the scary, masked men in the parade. We got to go to a petting zoo and John got to see his cow! For those of you that didn't hear...John went poop in the potty! He has been on a cow kick, so I told him we would see a cow if he pooped. Boy was I glad that the fair was in town this weekend! Saturday evening was filled with wedding fun for sweet Savannah. It was a beautiful wedding. Sunday was filled with church, football and our new mid sized group for Anapra. The night was amazing to see over 20 small aged kids and their parents gather for rice and beans and then worship together. I feel blessed to be a part of this leadership team. The work week starts tomorrow and I am sure the week will fly by. I hope everyone has a fabulous Monday.

Sophia sporting her new pink robe.

Mister mister refusing to use the potty. "No mommy, I fine."

Fia enjoying the parade from the grassy, shaded area.

John seems to be concerned about his little sister for some reason.

Sunday mornings...oh how I love them (most of the time). It is just me and kids and we lay around, watch a movie, read books and just have a relaxing time together. Then we get ready for church to see DADDY! It's too bad Matt can't be a part of this because he has to go to work.

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