Monday, September 20, 2010

2 in the Bathtub!
Tonight was the first night that we put the two kiddos in the bathtub together. Sophia has outgrown her infant tub...being that she is the size of a 9 month old. We were going to just put her in the sink to take a bath, but we decided to try out the big bathtub. She ended up loving it! She played with toys and splashed around. She also laughed at her brother most of the time.
John got out all of his bath toys because he was so excited Fia was taking a bath with him. There are A LOT of bath toys so the whole bathtub was covered. He was showing her different toys and trying to help wash her body while singing our song 'Wash, wash you body". (You'll have to hear us sing it sometime.) We did have a problem with a little splashing and trying to pour a cup of water over her head. Yet my mad, quick skills caught the cup just in time!
We do have pictures, but the sweet husband didn't quite get the private parts out of the pictures and I couldn't crop them without cutting out a child, so hopefully pictures will be posted next bath time.
Have a great Tuesday!

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Abbey said...

oh, baby privates aren't the same as normal human privates; post those pictures! it sounds so cute!