Monday, August 23, 2010

I have gotten a little behind...but here is a catch up!

Can you believe how big she is getting?? She loves sitting up at all times and she sometimes tries to fling herself back in her Bumbo. Her little legs are so chubby that we have push them in the is flexible, so it doesn't hurt...and then the seat comes up with her when you take her out.

So slobbery!

John loves toast with jelly every morning. He is also in love "macaroni". He would eat it every meal!

Mr. Cool at Deanna Rose Farmstead.

John loved feeding the baby goats at the farm. He thought it was great!

John and Madeline...two little best friends...sometimes :)
Sophia is not a fan of rice cereal. She pretty much just spits it out. So we tried some carrots...if she could talk I think she would say "not to bad".

This is the beautiful pie my mother in law made me for my birthday...DELICIOUS!

Sophia grabs for anything that is in her reach. She loves getting a hold of stuff... especially her brother's hair. I think she is getting him back from when she was first born and he was so rough.

Daddy took John and Sophia to Bass Pro today...I guess they had a ball.

John felt he needed to be a part of Sophia's he gave it a try. He did a pretty good job.

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