Thursday, July 29, 2010

Usually following a birthday comes a doctor's appointment....gotta keep up with the check ups. Today John and I got to go...just the two of us. I tell you what...this kid is funny. He talks all the time! I am not talking about just a word. We are talking about sentences and they are funny! As we were driving, John said
"Going to doctor", "I 2", and he was singing "Happy to You!"
My toddler is now 35.25 inches long (73%), 29lbs and 7oz (71%) and his head is 57 cm around (95%). The doctor asked if he could say 2 word sentences. Right as she said it, he said
"Read Elmo book please".
He is quite the little show off! She instantly said, "I guess so."
He is looking great and growing like a weed. My dad told me that if you double the height of a 2 year old, you can tell how tall they will be as an adult. If this is true...John will be around 5'10".

Favorite lines of John lately:
"Fia (Sofia), I like you."
"I stink...SHOWER!"
"Get ballgame on TV please."
"My bum hurts...make better please."

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