Monday, May 24, 2010

One of the things I love about living in KC is the RIVER MARKET. We went down there for the first time this season and I had almost forgotten how much I do love it. I love the idea of getting fresh produce. I love the idea that some of it was just picked that morning. I love that it is just one more way I am trying to keep my family healthy and away from pesticides. I also love the smells, the sounds, the colors from the vegetables, fruits and flowers. My new love is the Italian Grocery Store....AMAZING! See the pictures below to see how our day went.
Sophia's first time going to the River Market and she is excited!!

John saw that Sophia had a hat on, so he thought he needed one too. He is a little obsessed with hats these days. He would wear them all the time if we would let him.

John would try to grab food off the tables. He would say "yummy". He loved going down there. We finally let in and bought him an apple. He worked on that apple for a long time. He kept saying "mmm".

If you have never been to the River Market should try it. My recommendation is to go early. By 9:30/10:oo ish, it is getting very crowded and hot. Not only are there farmers that bring in their crops, but there are little shops with specialty foods all around the edge. I love this coffee shop.

Sophia was so excited when we were home, it exhausted she slept the whole time we were down there.

Matt surprised us with a canolli after buying a few things at the Italian Grocery store. I had actually never had one, and it was delicious! It was great treat!
When we were finished buying our goods, Sophia got hungry. So we headed over to the Nelson. John and Matt played in the yard, while Sophia and I sat on the bench and soaked in the sun.

The main purpose of us going to the River Market was to buy fresh strawberries. I had decided that I wanted to make my own jam this year. We usually get it from my mom because her's is the best. But I was going to try it this year. I have been on a kick of being more domestic...and this was one more way of fulfilling that feeling. So we found beautiful strawberries! Part of my Saturday was spent making this yummy stuff. The hardest part about this process is you have to wait 24 hours to let it your need isn't fulfilled right away. I can tell you it turned out beautifully and the verdict is that it tastes FABULOUS! Just like my momma's!
On Saturday and Sunday, I also got to make beer bread, a Sunday lunch for friends, and a chocolate meringue pie. I have decided if I could cook/bake all the time...I would be in heaven. It was a fantastic weekend. I hope everyone has a wonderful Monday!


Mrs. Lillie said...

I'm glad you're being more domestic (but not domesticated). :)

Miller Racing Family said...

Sounds like you are becoming a great cook. I never really enjoy cooking until I had Trey then it seemed to have so much more of a purpose. I am hoping to make all my own baby food this summer. I have some friends who have done it and said it was really easy and cheap and great for the babies. We will see what the summer brings.
Have a great day!