Monday, April 19, 2010

Weekends and Pops and Nannee's House!
(Lots of pictures)

Checking out new truck Pop's got him...
figured out he wasn't suppose to sit on it (it popped back on)!
Lovin' on his sister
Relaxing on the deck
REALLY relaxed on the deck!
John was on a hunger strike one day and I had to give him allergy medicine. Nannee and I finally gave into chocolate pudding for breakfast.

Pop's had 1 baseball game plus a tournament to coach while we were down in Houston. So we spent A LOT of time at the field. John LOVED it. He played and played. Above is a picture of his new friend. This new friend is in LOVE with baseball. I will tell more stories about him at a later post. My favorite comment from this new friend was "I am gonna have to teach him (john) how to play baseball!" Such a sweet kid!
Watching the game (notice ball in hand)

Nannee and Sophia before church...lookin' pretty!

Being a helper...(lotion was later found EVERYWHERE!)

Lookin' so big!

Favorite place to sleep...

So as you can tell, we spent the weekend in Houston. It was great. We were there from Thursday to Monday morning. I have to say that John LOVES when we are in Houston. He spends the whole time outside, playing hard. Tonight he fell asleep at 7:00. I think it was because of the big weekend.

Houston is a small town. It is where I grew up. It was funny how when I lived in a small town, I wanted to get out so badly. Now that I am out, when I go back, I realize that I do miss it so much. It was so fun seeing John running on the baseball field and hanging out with the players. They would all say hi to him. It was fun going to the alumni basketball game and knowing almost everyone in the gym. It is a slower pace down there, not that we weren't going somewhere all the time, but it was mainly to see people. To talk and hang out with friends and family. Sometimes, especially when I am in Houston, I feel sad that my kids probably won't grow up in a small town. I know that bigger places have more opportunities and believe me I know that small towns can be a pain. But I did have a great childhood and I have so many memories. now I am rambling but these were my thoughts tonight.
I know that God has placed us in Blue Springs for a reason. He has surrounded us with wonderful friends and family. I don't want people to think I am unhappy here...just missing my small town roots.


Miller Racing Family said...

Looks like you all did have a blast. I thought maybe you were down this weekend and I was so sad as we were out of town. Maybe one of these days we will get together.
I love the photo of your mom and Sophia.
Hope you have a fabulous day!

Whitney Richeson said...

What a great weekend for you guys! Sophia looks so big already. It was great to see her today. So beautiful! John also looks bigger too. I hope his allergie are better!