Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Sophia's first hair bow...I have a feeling it is the first of many!

Everyone was ready to go home from the hospital. We got discharged at 3:00 p.m.

Sweet Sophia has a small case of Jaundice. Her billirubins were at 9.6 this morning, so we are going back tomorrow to see if they went up or went down. Hopefully they went down. We sat her in front of a window since it was sunny today. She looks fine in this picture, but she was only this content for about a minute.

John got some new sunglasses today. He was so excited that Sophia came home today. He was a wild man! He gave kisses, her hugs, and wanted to play with her all evening. I don't think Matt and I's life will ever be the same.

Getting ready for bed...look at those big eyes!
We'll let you know the fist night at home goes in tomorrow's blog!
Good night everyone!


Miller Racing Family said...

Let the fun begin. I love the hair bows. I think all the cute hair things have been my favorite part of shopping for a girl. The last photo is so precious. I hope you all have a wonderful night.
Glad you are all home and well!

Katie said...

Oh my goodness that girl is BEAUTIFUL!!! I love that John is covering her with kisses - what a good big brother ;-)

Whitney Richeson said...

She is just precious Jodi! I hope last night went well! I like the bow too! I sent you an e-mail about hair bows so hopefully that helps! :)

Sarah said...

I just think you are a hero for blogging everyday since having a new baby! Good work friend!