Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Meeting Sophia (through John's eyes)
Today was a big day...I guess because Mommy and Daddy weren't at home when I woke up. Pops took care of me at first and then Nana Barb and Papa came to take care of me. They kept saying today you are going to be a big brother! They even put a shirt on me that said big brother. They let me play outside a lot because the sun was shining. We went to the hospital in the afternoon and my daddy came out and got me. When he came out to get me, he said "We have a 7lb 10 oz, 19 inches long baby GIRL". He was holding a camera and had it taping the whole time he talked. When he said "girl" the whole room got really loud. I clapped too! I guess it was exciting. Daddy took me back to the room where my Mommy was sitting.I was the only one that got to go. I was the first one! I got to sit on Mommy's lap and there was "baby". I sucked my thumb because that is what I do when I get sleepy,worried or shy. Then I met her...the baby I had been talking to in my mommy's belly. I said "hi" in a quiet voice. Then I said " Hi baby". I pointed to my mommy's belly but Mommy said, "The baby isn't in there anymore. This is your sister. I said "sister". I was kind of nervous and I kept looking at this little thing by my mommy's bed. After a while, everyone came in to see "Sophia". They all hugged me and said "John, your a big brother!" Pops came over to me and said "John, your still my boy!"

I gave Sophia kisses and I love doing it. I give her lots and lots of kisses.

I love giving hugs too! Mommy keeps saying "be gentle" and I don't know what she is talking about.

On Sophia's second day of being my sister, I touched her nose and said "honk". I love "honking" her nose. Mommy says "be gentle". She really likes to say that over and over again. She kind of acts nervous when she says it.

Mommy says "no fingers in Sophia's mouth".
I like to show Sophia how I honk my nose too! I am going to teach all her different body parts because I can point mine out too!


Katie said...

SO cute - yay for Big Brother!!!

Miller Racing Family said...

What a wonderful big brother John is going to be. I love the photos. The photo of John honking his nose is adorable!
Have a great day and enjoy your babies!

Whitney Richeson said...

That is the cutest thing ever! You are such a good big brother John! :)

Lisa Wingert said...

Congratulations on your baby girl! Sophia is beautiful and John looks like an awesome big brother! Madeline is very excited for you. What joyful days you have ahead with your sweet family!